Archive Podcast #24: For the week of 10/19/10

This week, we’re going to drop in on Kiefer Lakefront Arena at The University of New Orleans in New Orleans, LA on October 27, 2001. Set two starts out with Todd’s first ever Clinic Cynic and continues on with Action Man, Imitation Leather Shoes, the first performance of The Earth Will Swallow You in almost 1400 shows, The Harder They Come, Time is Free (with Col Bruce Hampton), Drums (with Dr. Arvin Scott), Red Hot Mama, I’m Not Alone, Sometimes, and, as some would say The Bowlegged Woman…and for the encores…Nobody’s Loss and Cream Puff War.

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6 comments to Archive Podcast #24: For the week of 10/19/10

  • andrew mount

    10-31-97!!! The entire show would be the best release yet…2 track, multi-track, whatever…we need it (even those who don’t realize it yet!)
    ‘Tis the season, and it’s the most under-represented and highly worthy show from ’97!

  • jordan peagler


  • Horace- thank you for posting this selection from an incredible weekend of music. Getting me pumped for NOLA! The Harder The Come was unreal! Be well, Terry

  • Scott

    Finally more of the sbd board source previewed in the “George Boards” leak. Will take more of this anytime. How about set one night one? And if you’re sitting on Fall ’01 boards, how about 11-17 set 2 w/ JJ?

    And how about any previously unreleased board from that year ending in 9 and 8?


  • John

    Ah, thanks!

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