Archive Podcast #39: For the week of 2/1/11

This week, we’re going to California with Widespread Panic for a performance from their very first run of shows on the west coast, at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, CA on 8/9/1990. The show begins with A of D, Space Wrangler, Love Tractor, Rock, C. Brown, Chilly Water, Proving Ground, Let it Rock, Pigeons, Disco, Travelin’ Light, Machine and Barstools and Dreamers.

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5 comments to Archive Podcast #39: For the week of 2/1/11

  • Wrace Spangler

    God forbid the stream cuts and you hit “play” and/or “pause” because it starts from the top:-(

  • kob

    My first show. 130 shows later… life rolls on.

    I wish you guys would play some of these smaller venues again. Once Clear Channel got a hold of you – your shows started to taste like a vanilla milkshake. No real bust out, or decent covers… Kinda just goin through the motions. But still one of the greatest bands of our time.

    It’s obvious without Mikey there is poor song writing and Jimmy really doesn’t add much. At least George had some life in him.

    I would love to see a double UnderCover album – with all new covers (magic carpet ride, man in me, so many songs you guys smash. How about a reggae album/tour? Just please no more She dances with Nobody’s…

    Keep rockin boys – but while your taking another year or two off think about the next level. Rust never sleeps.

  • Turner

    Update: I cannot download the archived archive podcasts starting at #13 all the way to last weeks. I just signed up for the podcasts at #39 and I am trying to download all the subsequent ones. I got to #13 and when I click on download it would only bring up a streaming player instead of download. Any way of me getting those 25 plus archived archive podcasts? Would really appreciate it like everything else ya’ll have been doing. So far I have all the archives and Porch Songs…would love to have all the podcasts too.

    Thanks Again!!!

  • Roger Hahn

    This is sucha great thing you have done!! I got into these guys right about this time. I was living in Chico, CA and was Asst. Manager with Tower Records. Recieved Space Wrangler as a promo (on cassette no less!!) Also the self titled album as they had just signed with Capricorn Records. Still have that tape, it has seen some miles alright. Turned alot of people into Spread Heads in the following years. Get to see them about twice a year now and love every minute of it!!! Keep it comin boyz and I will be there to listen always!!


  • matt

    Turner, are you using iTunes?

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