Archive Podcast #45: For the week of 3/16/11

This week, it’s a celebration at the New Years Run at The Fox Theatre in Atlanta, GA on 12/30/1996. The first set begins with Little Kin and continues with Travelin’ Light, Glory, Heroes, Rock, B of D, Sleepy Monkey, Genesis and Blackout. The second set begins with Love Tractor, You Got Yours, I’m Not Alone, Henry Parsons Died, Gradle, Junior, It Ain’t No Use, Driving Song, Drums, Driving Song and Ain’t Life Grand…and for the encore…a whole bunch of jamming into Good Morning Little Schoolgirl and then unfortunately the tape cuts before Dream Song ends the show. Guest artists for this show include Count Mbutu on percussion, John Keane on pedal steel, David Blackmon on fiddle, Chuck Leavell and Dan Matrazzo on keyboards and Col. Bruce Hampton on guitar

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5 comments to Archive Podcast #45: For the week of 3/16/11

  • Scott

    Whoa. This is a serious gem. Previously unreleased sbd. of a mammoth, legendary, paint peeling rock and roll performance by what was just then becoming one of the great bands of all time. Cheers on this one, Horace. More please.

  • Joe

    One of the best times of my life those 3 days.

  • Chris

    I attended all of these shows. Lights out. Chuck Leavell and JoJo were out of their minds with a Tiptina jam. Thank you for posting this one!

  • grant

    when will this be on itunes?

  • Wow Dr. Dan Matrazzo is an absolute monster!!!!

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