Archive Podcast #64: For the week of 7/26/11

This week, we are headed out to Denver for New Years 2008…so you better wear that coat… The Pepsi Center in Denver, CO on December 31, 2008. The first set starts off with Chilly Water, Travelin’ Light, Space Wrangler, Coconut, The Take Out, Porch Song, Stop Go, Driving Song and Breathing Slow. The second set starts with As Time Goes By, Tall Boy, Walk On The Flood, Ain’t Life Grand, Who Do You Belong To?, Fixin’ To Die, Vacation, Clinic Cynic, Weak Brain Narrow Mind, Don’t Be Denied, Angels on High, Arleen, Papa’s Home and Give….and for the encores….Up All Night, Disco and Love Tractor. Dave Johnston sat in on Banjo and Jeff Austin on Mandolin for Ain’t Life Grand, Who Do You Belong To? and Fixin’ To Die.

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