Archive Podcast #82: For the week of 11/30/11

This week, 1990 takes us back to Tennessee…at Main Street in Murfreesboro on 4/20/1990. The first set starts off with Pigeons, Travelin’ Light, Conrad, Space Wrangler, It Ain’t No Use, C. Brown, Holden Oversoul, Stop Go, Love Tractor and Porch Song. The second set starts off with the infamous Snorkle Search Jam into L.a., Proving Ground, Driving Song, A of D, Driving Song, Rock, I’m Not Alone, Impossible, Heaven, Me and The Devil Blues, Machine, Barstools and Dreamers and Chilly Water…and for the encores…Papa Legba and Can’t Find My Way Home.

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1 comment to Archive Podcast #82: For the week of 11/30/11

  • Tice

    Awesome stuff! My 1st show was in 90 and it has been years since i have seen the band. Great memories. I hope everyone is doing well…

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