Multitrack Release #7: History Lesson New Year's 1997

Fox Theatre

Atlanta, GA

December 31, 1997

In the late 1990’s, Widespread Panic and their fans celebrated three consecutive New Years’ runs at the Fox Theatre  in Atlanta, GA. An iconic venue from all sorts of perspectives, these Fox performances were all highly anticipated and, of course, the band did not disappoint.

Of all the music played at the Fox over the course of those three years and eleven shows, perhaps the first set of 12/31/97 is the most unique.  The band presents us with a nice little history lesson on how Widespread Panic came to be by sequentially introducing each band member with a song that represented the time frame in question and, in a sense, what each musician brought to the table.

Widespread Panic’s 7th MultiTrack archive CD, History Lesson New Year’s 1997, hits the streets on December 13, 2011. Recorded at The Fabulous Fox Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia on December 31, 1997, with the 6 original members; John Bell, John Hermann, Michael Houser, Todd Nance, Domingo Ortiz, and David Schools. ‘The Vault ‘series highlights the band’s early live performances with fully mastered sound board multi track recordings.

Order your copy now at Widespread Merchandise or It is available on CD and as MP3 and FLAC downloads.

History Lesson New Year’s 1997
Fox Theater, Atlanta, GA


1. Coconut 7:15
2. Let’s Get The Show On The Road 6:01
3. Wish You Were Here 4:45
4. Stop Go 6:39
5. Travelin’ Light 7:17
6. Ophelia 4:34
7. Junior 5:14

John Bell – Vocals, Guitar
John Hermann – Keyboard, Vocals
Michael Houser – Guitar, Vocals
Todd Nance – Drums
Domingo S. Ortiz – Percussion
Dave Schools – Bass, Vocals

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18 comments to Multitrack Release #7: History Lesson New Year’s 1997

  • Adam

    This is great and I love these releases, but come on man. Why not release the entire show??? This is just a tease. Of course, I’m going to order this when I’m done typing, but this is really aggravating. Please forgive me for complaining but I LOVE these releases and I wish y’all would release more. You know what would have been fantastic? To have released all of the shows from the New Year’s run from the fox 12/29-12/31. I can’t be the only fan who would buy these. Well, thanks anyway for this, but PLEASE crank out more of these releases…Preferably in full! Happy Holidays and sorry for complaining.

  • houserion

    this is a great release but it would have been really nice to have the whole show. I have been waiting on a Fab fox release. This was one of the best shows i ever attended.
    thanks. next we need boone 99 or macon 98.

  • Miller

    What a night it was!!

    great choice.

  • Big E

    I can’t believe they are just releasing the 1st set of the New Years show when they should be releasing the whole run! I would have to imagine that there must be a problem with the tapes of the other sets otherwise this is unconscionable.

    All three shows would have made a great box set to stuff in the old stocking for Christmas. I’ve been good this year WSP (relatively I mean, no convictions!) bring on the goodies.

  • Stew Mo

    Jo Jo came around, couldn’t shake him.

  • Drew

    I love it! “This is the song that kept gettin’ us invited to parties.” If this multi-track doesn’t make your hair stand up, WSP isnt for you. Anyone that is complaining about this one just hasnt heard it yet. Thanks guys for this bc just cutting the crowd noise so it isnt overwhelming is a job in itself. Loudest Ive ever heard a crowd and everyone needs to understand that these songs in this set were not very common at this time. Bust out after bust out with a story to go along with it. Shiiiiii, Bring it!

  • Andrew Mount

    I imagine, considering the great work Horace does, there is something wrong with the 3rd set. Please bear that in mind. 2nd set was a weekly podcast a while back, so all that is missing from circulation (soundboard sourced) is the 3rd set and encore. It’s been 14 years, so have patience and that may surface, as well. Horace has already done so much for us, and will continue to do so. So cheers to him and the loyal, if never-quite-satisfied, fans.

  • IA Panic

    got a pile on a bit here and wish we had more of the show/run available but i’ll be first in line to buy this anyway. thanks so much for getting these tunes out there for us! If you all are taking suggestions…12/29/96 fox theater, BAM!

  • Phil

    Already ordered a copy, I hate to complain too, but this is odd, why not release the entire show? I’m sure there are some multiple night runs that could be released. Just got my copy of Phish Hampton from 97, good example of what I would pay for. I’ll buy every thing that comes out. Horace, please hook us up man, Jam on!


  • TJBones

    One of the best live sets of WSP ever. The crowd reaction to WYWH is timeless. 1997 was such a great year and the band delivered something special in the first set. Really glad I was in the house that night. Thanks for finally getting this out.
    6-28-96 oak mountain for next release please….PLEASE. Its that good.

  • TRob25

    What a joke, really Browncat? Epic Fail! Not surprising though considering a 5th grader could come up with better marketing than than the n00bs @ Browncat.

  • Trent

    Won’t order this “incomplete” disc…But, thanks for the offer.

  • Dog Song

    Great Show…Have had it since the week after the Fox Run…Next Archive needs to be 9-26-99 Little John Coliseum….Sudnay Night in Clemson, SC…..The Arlene and Pigeons are Gas..

  • Phunkygirl

    These shows were amazing! I’m happy too see them coming out. They take me back to another place and time…

  • Bristles

    Why not go ahead and release 1-2-98 as long as we’re wishing for things. Also a great show!!!

  • [...] spot-filled show was the final performance of a four-night run at the historic venue that included a New Year’s Eve “history lesson” which was released back in November as part of Widespread Panic’s multi-track archival [...]

  • fiftyhertz

    $9.99 for the cd is a steal. $13.99 for the cheapest shipping is highway robbery.

  • Toad

    WPMFP! Complete shows pleas. Get it?.

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