Archive Podcast #105: For the week of 5/09/12

This week we go down to Texas for some Deep Ellum blues … at Deep Ellum Live in Dallas, Texas on June 2, 1995. The first set starts out with Makes Sense To Me, Pleas, It Ain’t No Use, C. Brown, Can’t Get High, Space Wrangler, Heroes, Just Kissed My Baby and Travelin’ Light. The second set begins with The Take Out, Porch Song, Rebirtha, Hatfield, Diner, I’m Not Alone, Wondering, Happy Child, Help Me Somebody, Pusherman and Chilly Water…and for the encore….Dream Song

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1 comment to Archive Podcast #105: For the week of 5/09/12

  • jason grant

    I remember the ’92, ’93, ’94 and ’95 Deep Ellum Live shows like they were yesterday. The place was set up like a shot gun house w/ the only bar along the West side of the building. It was crazy hot in there so the key was to buy many beers at once, stuff them in your pockets and then find a spot under the few AC vents and camp out. I’ve searched for years and am yet to uncover a copy of the ’92 show.

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