Archive Podcast #106: For the week of 5/16/12

For all you heads, this week we drop in at quite the unique venue…and end up staring at the ceiling….at The Palace in Louisville, KY on November 21, 2000. The first set starts out with Holden Oversoul, Give, Wondering, Rebirtha, Blight, Action Man, Trouble, Send Your Mind and One Arm Steve. The second set begins with Thought Sausage, Red Beans, Hatfield, Greta, Christmas Katie, Drums, This Part of Town, Low Rider and Coconut…and for the encore…Last Dance. Carlton Smith sits in on percussion for Drums and This Part of Town.

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1 comment to Archive Podcast #106: For the week of 5/16/12

  • Joeitall

    THe Palace is a trippy place. Great lobby, awesome acoustics. The boys seem to really like Louisville

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