Archive Podcast #108: For the week of 5/30/12

Stream #108

From Cajun Country last week to Utah this week…at Dee Event Center in Ogden, Utah on October 20, 2001. The first set starts out with Surprise Valley, Rock, Greta, Better Off, Machine, Barstools and Dreamers, Pickin’ Up The Pieces, Action Man and Henry Parsons Died. Set two starts off with Can’t Get High, Junior, Send Your Mind,, Airplane, Fishwater, All Time Low, Drums, Entering A Blackhole Backwards, Sometimes and Old Joe…and for the encores…Contentment Blues and Red Beans.

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3 comments to Archive Podcast #108: For the week of 5/30/12

  • Scott Corrao

    Man, Horace loves him some ’01 Panic, which is fine all these ’01 boards sound pristine, and the shows aren’t bad either!

  • Josh g

    This was my wifes first show, sweet little venue, and they tore it up, brings back some memories

  • Chris

    Man…the first set could be an archive release all by itself…’s that good.

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