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Stream #117

This week we go gambling in the Bayou….at Tipitina’s in New Orleans, LA on May 18, 1992. The set starts out with Weight of The World, Fishwater, Heaven, Stop Go, Hatfield, Papa Legba, Send Your Mind, Better Off, Walkin’, Space Wrangler, Drums, Early, Just Kissed My Baby, Entering a Black Hole Backwards, Dog Song, Pigeons and Flat Foot Flewzy…..and for the encores… Diner and Porch Song and then Proving Ground…..and then…a bit of the sound check with a Fishwater jam and She Caught the Katy.

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1 comment to Archive Podcast #117: For the week of 8/01/12

  • TraderBill

    Only the Dead come close to WSP and true travelin’ light freedom…
    Hope and Love go Together!
    Asheville, N.C.
    Occupy Rainbow Family

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