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This week we get started on a two week East Coast beach trip….at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach, SC on July 7, 1997. The first set starts out with Pigeons, Dying Man, Pigeons, Stop Go, Rebirtha, Better Off, Jack, Watching The Sleeping Man, and Postcard. The second set begins with Love Tractor, Machine, Glory, Space Wrangler, Greta, Porch Song, Drums, Mercy and Henry Parsons Died.

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3 comments to Archive Podcast #118: For the week of 8/08/12

  • Tony

    You sure you uploaded this correctly? Its not showing up on Itunes

  • editor

    Tony –
    Give it another try. We were out of town last week so could only update 118 this week.


  • Paul

    You guys may hear this all the time, or maybe never: THANK YOU for this great collection of podcasts! Killer.

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