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Stream #125

This week it’s time to let the altitude affect our attitude…at the Asheville Civic Center in Asheville, NC on November 22, 2000. The first set starts out with Surprise Valley, Driving Song, Disco, Driving Song, The Waker, Pigeons, Blue Indian, Chunk of Coal and Conrad. The second set begins with Radio Child, Airplane, Imitation Leather Shoes, You’ll Be Fine, Space Wrangler, Drums, Diner, Pilgrims and Postcard…and for the encores….Don’t Be Denied and Knockin’ Round the Zoo.

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2 comments to Archive Podcast #125: For the week of 9/26/12

  • LetItRollOn

    One of my favorite drums and post drums. Fine fine fine….What a time, time, time!!!!

  • LetItRollOn

    JB had guitar troubles first set. He sang The Waker, or at least part of it, with no guitar in hand.

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