PORCH SONGS: Memphis, TN 11/25/2000

Mid-South Coliseum
Memphis, TN
November 25, 2000

Michael and JB Live in Memphis, 2000

Michael and JB Live in Memphis, 2000

Again, for the next volume of Porch Songs, we head back to end of 2000 and the end of a monster tour.  Whether by miles logged, cool places played or hot shows render, mid-October to the first of December created many wonderful musical memories.  We’ve hit this tour before with the first ever Widespread Panic Archives Multi-Track Release:  Carbondale 2000.  These two shows from Memphis at the Mid-South Coliseum in late November fit the bill for the next Porch Songs release, so here we go with the second night.  Given night one, well…good luck everyone!

To begin the show, we have our heads fed through the grinder with “Thought Sausage” before getting slammed with a “Chilly Water” > “Jack” >  “Chilly Water” sandwich.  With our bellies now full and our seat belts completely unbuckled, we settle in with “Bear’s Gone Fishin'”, if “settlin’ in” is even possible! We finally find ourselves mid-set with the band moving delicately into “I’m Not Alone” then charging into “Sleeping Man”.  “Tall Boy” gets out there a bit before we get pulled in fine fashion to the end of the set with a nice segue into “Climb to Safety”.

For me, the last set of a run of shows is always a “drum roll please” kind of moment usually based on the question, ”How are they going to top what they’ve already done?”  The moment is no different here as we quickly cut right into it by taking off with a “One Arm Steve” into a “Pusherman” that came out of nowhere.  After setting us up for the rest of the night, we get a “Casa Del Grillo” before Cody and Luther Dickinson take the stage to join in and make some fun.  The band treats us to a “Fishwater” that left us satisfied and a “Stop Breaking Down Blues” that completely broke us down.  From “Drums”, Dave and Jojo jam into “Stop Go” before heading into “It Makes Sense To Me”.  All corralled back in, it was time to “Give” to the end the second set.  To end the run, “Nobody’s Loss” eased us into the night and into an “Ain’t Life Grand” that reminded us all of just that life is indeed grand!

Order your copy of November 25, 2000 – Memphis, TN, and the previous night too: 11/24/2000.

As always, keep in mind that when listening to these Porch Song releases, what you’re really hearing is a recording of what came through the house speakers the night of the show, so there is no post-show engineering opportunity to dial in each instrument and vocal to perfection as there is with the Widespread Panic Multitrack Releases.  So what you’ll occasionally find on these Porch Song recordings is a bit of digital noise, static and maybe even a quick drop out resulting from the onstage recording process and/or the ravages of tape degradation.  For this release, we’ve selected a show that’s once again pretty damn clean, but as always, we’ve preserved what we could, doctored up what we’ve been able to, and in this ongoing process, have refused to let a minor blemish or two prevent the spreading of this amazing music.  So sit back, settle in and let Widespread Panic take you on another incredible journey.

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