Porch Songs: Pittsburgh 1995

Smack-dab in the middle of a massive cross-country tour (promoting the only seven months old Ain’t Life Grand), Panic’s Tuesday night stop in Pittsburgh found a super rowdy crowd raring to go. The band locked in but loose, delivering two very strong and high-energy sets.

Listen for:

  • Garrie’s intro “…I think you know what we’re here for!”
  • Early version of “Radio Child”
  • The Mercy > Henry Parsons segue
  • JB song intros
  • Jojo’s Blackout Blues intro
  • Epic Low Spark encore

Date: 4.11.1995
Venue: Metropol
City: Pittsburgh, PA

Set 1:
Weight of the World
Little Kin
Sleeping Man
Better Off
I’m Not Alone
B of D
Love Tractor

Set 2:
Ain’t Life Grand
Radio Child
Dream Song
Let’s Get Down to Business
Can’t Get High
Henry Parsons Died
Blackout Blues

Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys

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