Porch Songs: Koblenz, DE 1998

Koblenz, DE 1998

“…Musik und darum dass ihr eine gute Zeit habt. Die Band, die es gleich auf die Bühne kommt, ist eine solche Band. Uber allem den Welt ins besonderen in Amerika schon bekannt. Sie wurden Stadium fühlen. Ich freue mich, dass für sie in Deutschland vorstellen können im Rockblast.”

[“…music and with that you all will have a good time. The band that’s coming onstage is one such band. All over the world, and especially in America, they are already famous. They are filling stadiums. I am happy that I can introduce [them] for you in Germany at Rockblast.”]

June 21, 1998
Rockplast Open Air Festival
Koblenz, Germany DE

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Travelin’ Light
Makes Sense To Me
Dyin’ Man
Porch Song
Hope In A Hopeless World
Ain’t Life Grand
Blackout Blues

Widespread Panic is:

John Bell – vocals, guitar
John Hermann – keyboards, vocals
Michael Houser – guitar, vocals
Todd Nance – drums
Domingo Ortiz – percussion
David Schools – bass, vocals


Recorded by Danny Friedmann
Transferred from the original stereo live recording at the Brown Media Archive, University of Georgia Libraries
Post-production by Matt DeCamp
“Introduction” translated by Meridith LaVelle

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