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Porch Songs: Santa Cruz, CA 4/18/1992

For Porch Songs’ 27th show release, let’s finally head back to 1992! Early on in the beginning of that eventful year, change was definitely afoot. Keyboardist T Lavitz called it quits after about a year with the band, and Widespread Panic masqueraded a couple of college-day shows in Auburn and Atlanta without having filled the spot. But by the end of February, JoJo had found his way into the fold and it was time to hit the open road once again. Pretty much starting out at the Georgia Theatre on March 13th & 14th, Widespread Panic took off on an extensive spring tour. After a dozen or so performances in what was quickly becoming their second home…Colorado, the band headed out to the Pacific Northwest, over to Vancouver and down to California…finally landing in Santa Cruz on April 18th…about halfway through the tour. Big times in small, crazy places…those were the days!

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Porch Songs: Cedar Rapids, IA 7/2/2002

For Porch Songs’ 26th show release, let’s start off with a bit of history. Way back in 1993, Widespread Panic rolled through the Midwest and performed in Iowa for the first time…intent on continuing to spread their musical message across the country…which was exactly the same mindset these guys had when finding their way out of Athens, GA to points beyond in the mid to late 1980’s. About a decade later, pulling into Cedar Rapids, IA in July of 2002…even amidst the strange combination of tragedy and celebration…the mission was unchanged. With an epic Red Rocks run just now in the rear view mirror and a horizon full of unknown twists and turns ahead, this bus full of travelin’ men still kept their eyes on the road.

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