WP Archive FAQ’s

What is the Archive / Vault?

Used somewhat interchangeably, the terms Archive and/or Vault refer to Widespread Panic’s collection of their own live recordings. Even before the first official show on February 6, 1986, Widespread Panic recorded their practice sessions and early performances. Those days of analogue cassette tape gave way to the early 90’s and digital tape and eventually to the current day digital hard drives. In 25+ years, this collection has grown considerably and as the years continue to roll by, we turn to the vault to find the shows that become the basis of our archive release recordings…be it for a Multi Track, Porch Song or Archive Podcast.

What are the Multi Track Archive Releases?

The Multi Track series is the highest quality audio archive product we release. Completely re-mixed from the original 64 or 48 track vocal and instrumental recordings, these shows capture Widespread Panic in any number of different venues and points in time….and bring the music back to life with more clarity and detail than you probably even heard if you attended the actual show itself. For a more extensive explanation of the Multi Track format click here.

What are Porch Song Archive Releases?

We pull Porch Song releases from recordings produced from the front of house sound-engineering equipment (commonly called the soundboard) that, unlike the Multi Track recording process, have minimal opportunities for sound enhancement. Our job is to search for and deliver to the fans those true gems that stand out above all the others in terms of the band’s performance and the quality of the recording. For a more extensive explanation of the Porch Song format click here.

In What Formats are the Multi Track & Porch Songs Archive Releases Available?

The Multi Track and Porch Songs Archive Series Releases are available in all the standard formats…downloadable mp3’s, FLACs (WAV), and on-demand CDs from LiveWidespreadPanic.com…and from iTunes…and you can get hard copy CDs from WP Merchandise…or your local Indie Record Store.

What is LiveWidespreadPanic.com?

LiveWidespreadPanic.com is the primary platform for getting live Widespread Panic. In addition to finding all the Archive releases, this website contains download links for every show performed since 2005, as well as tour compilations, videos, side projects, etc.