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Porch Songs: Bozeman, MT 2000

Announcing the thirty-fourth installment of the band’s two-track ‘Porch Songs’ live series: Bozeman 2000. It’s about time we came back to 2000 and seeing as we’ve had our eye on this show for a while, what better way to kick off this years series! While we had hoped this could have been a multi-track release,…

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Porch Songs: Bozeman, MT 10/19/2001

For the 19th volume of Porch Songs, let’s set our sights on Big Sky County….along with Glacier, Yellowstone and lots of space in-between. Widespread Panic’s first Montana performance was in Bozeman in 1993, at the Cat’s Paw, a biker bar/casino/liquor store that had a small, poorly monitored stage that served as the music venue. A place where you could pass by, lay your money down and stay for the show! Over the next decade, the Bozeman / Missoula run truly became a yearly destination. It always takes extra effort and dedication to get to those special destinations….and the band always seems to recognize that fact by delivering scorching shows in tucked away little spots. This performance from Bozeman in 2001 certainly supports that idea as it captures that ever elusive, intangible energy and gives it right back to us.

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