Rock 'n' Raffle 2022 - Widespread Panic

Rock ‘n’ Raffle 2022

Nuci's Space Widespread Panic Rock n Raffle 2022

Congratulations to Cassetty, our 2022 winner!

The Nuçi’s Space Rock ‘n’ Raffle returns for 2022! One lucky Panic will win a pair of tickets to every Widespread Panic show happening from February 1, 2022 through December 31, 2022*.

For more details and how to enter visit the Rock ‘n’ Raffle page.

Proceeds of the raffle benefit Nuçi’s Space and its mission to prevent suicide and advocate for better mental healthcare for musicians.

The winning ticket will be drawn on January 28th, 2022 at Noon ET.

* except for festival, charity events, and the rescheduled 2021 shows which include the New York Beacon Theatre shows July 21-25, 2022, the Napa, CA shows August 26-28, 2022, and the Atlanta Fox Theatre shows August 10-13th, 2022.

2020 Winner Testimonial

Nuçi’s Space recently spoke with Thomas Williamson, the winner from the last Rock N Raffle and asked him to share his experiences with everyone! We live in such uncertain and unpredictable times, we wanted to see how it went for him, winning the contest right at the beginning of… all of this.

Nuçi’s Space: How did Panic handle all of the rescheduled shows and uncertainties with the pandemic?
Thomas Williamson: They did a great job in my opinion! We stayed in loose contact over the year, just dropping a note now and then to stay in touch. They even sent me a great “care package” with really cool stuff in it that I appreciate very much. As soon as the first shows were announced, I was contacted the next day as to the resumption of my ticket privileges! There was never a worry about the way WP would handle the situation for me, as I know this organization to be top notch!

Nuçi’s Space: With all of the uncertainty and shows being rescheduled, was it worth it to enter and win the Rock N Raffle?
TW: YES! It was very worth it!! I got to see about 9 shows over the period of my winnings.

Nuçi’s Space: Tell us about the experience of actually winning!
TW: So, when I made my Initial raffle ticket purchase, I did it mainly to support a cause I believe in and not necessarily to win tickets. I actually forgot about the donation, so when I received the call from JB it was a total surprise!

Nuçi’s Space: Wait, JB called you personally?
TW: I was just sitting on my bed when the phone rang with an unknown number, so I ignored the call. Then I got a text saying it was Nuçi’s Space trying to get in touch with me, and I had no idea why. So when the phone rang again with the same number I answered and it was John Bell (JB) from WP ! At first I wasn’t sure what was going on, but then it hit me that it was really JB and I had won! It was a great feeling, as I have been going to WP shows since 1990 and this was the first thing I had won from them. People ask me how many tickets I bought and I think I only bought 2, it only takes one to win as we see!

Nuçi’s Space: Well, every time you buy a ticket, that’s one more chance to win! So, what would you say to people who are thinking about entering the 2022 Rock N Raffle?
TW: I would encourage the fans to buy the raffle tickets in order to support Nuçi’s Space first, with the chance of winning 2nd. Give with your heart and it will always come back to you just as it should be. I have much respect for Nuçi’s Space, WP, and Ellie in the way they handled this uncertain time of pandemic and uncertainty about shows. I am grateful to have had the experience and will always remember this as a positive thing that happened during the world shutdown. In a time when there were much more important things than concerts, this situation always gave me something to look forward to.


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