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April 5, 2018

Feeding People Through Music - Food Drives

Sunny and Rock CAN Roll in Wantagh, NY

Widespread Panic concert food drives first began with the fan-based organization Panic Fans for Food.  This fan organization hosted food drives at WP shows throughout the country from 1999-2007, with the goal of, "feeding people through music."  The effort generated $70,000 and 13 tons of food in 28 cities and was handed off to the band in early 2008.

Since then, the band has been hosting food drives at select shows on their tours, engaging a demographic that is typically more difficult for charities and food drives to reach. To date the band's "Feeding People Through Music" endeavor has raised over $129,768.40 and 22,425+ pounds of food for communities across the country. 


Birmingham, AL Feb. 16 & 17th w/ Conscious Alliance: $1,194 and 1,282lbs of food for the Community Food Bank of Central Alabama

Red Rocks June 23-25th w/ Conscious Alliance: $5,122 and 1,750lbs to Food Bank of the Rockies
St. Augustine Sept. 15-17th w/ Feeding NE Florida: $8,078 and 3,830lbs
Milwaukee Oct. 20-22nd w/ Hunger Task Force: $1,300 at the shows and $1,500 online
Atlanta, GA Dec. 29, 30 & 31st with Conscious Alliance: $1,963.50 and 934 lbs

Fall Tour 2016 Food Drives Results: $16,389.48 and 4,562lbs

Summer Tour 2016 Food Drives: $7,600 and 3,720lbs

Spring Tour 2016 Food Drives: $8,700 and 3,720lbs

February 2016 Food Drives: $5,751 and 568lbs

For 2015 we raised $35,228.40 and 8,430lbs of food!
For 2014 we raised $23,671.36 and 3,871lbs of food!
For 2013 we raised $21,696.08 and 3,086 pounds of food!
For 2012 we raised $6,318.12 and 634 pounds of food!
For 2011 we raised $31,600 and 4,400 pounds of food!

Thank you, Goodpeople!