PORCH SONGS: Memphis, TN 7/18,19/1997

Mud Island Amphitheater

Memphis, Tennessee

July 18 & 19, 1997

Happy Holidays everybody. Here we are with our first installment in the Porch Songs series…a two night run from Mud Island Amphitheater in Memphis, Tennessee on July 18th and 19th, 1997. Why these two shows you might ask? Well, these performances are somewhat of an intersection of what I think both you and I have been looking for…. multi-night runs, soundboards released along with the WP Archive Multi-Track issues, and being able to fulfill some specific show requests. Porch Songs obviously gives us the platform to deliver on those angles…and do so more frequently. I felt that these two from Mud Island made the mark….a two-night run in a killer venue, a great collection of guest artists and a second set performance on 7/19 that was voted the best of 1997 by Honest Tune magazine back in the day. I certainly received many emails…even some from a few close friends…commenting on these shows and how they deserved some attention. So, a great starting point for Porch Songs…and certainly a basis for future comparisons. Next up? Well, I promised I’d head to the 1998-2002 era, so let’s go!

To order your copy of Mud Island 1997, please visit http://www.livewidespreadpanic.com/catalog.aspx and check out the Porch Songs category.

July 18, 1997

Set One: Glory, Ain’t Life Grand, Disco, Ride Me High, C. Brown, Pigeons, One Kind Favor, Papa Legba, Radio Child

Set Two: Makes Sense To Me, Dyin’ Man, Papa’s Home, Hope in a Hopeless World, It Was You, Fishwater, Nobody’s Loss, Space Wrangler, Drums, Stop-Go

Encores: Gradle, Red Beans, City of Dreams

July 19, 1997

Set One: Flat Foot Flewzy, Pleas, Let’s Get Down to Business, The Last Straw, Weak Brain Narrow Mind, Greta, Holden Oversoul, Pusherman, Henry Parsons Died*

Set Two: Tall Boy, Aunt Avis, Chilly Water, Jack, Rebirtha, Arleen, Drums**, Porch Song, Contentment Blues

Encores: Junior***, End of the Show****

* with Daniel Hutchens on vocals & Eric Carter on guitar

** with Matt Abts on timbales

*** with Warren Haynes on guitar

**** with Daniel Hutchens on vocals, Eric Carter on guitar, Warren Haynes on guitar

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30 comments to PORCH SONGS: Memphis, TN 7/18,19/1997

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  • Frank Kossen

    Y’all got the Mule opening set from the 19th laying around anywhere? If mem’ry serves, it included a “Spanish Moon” with Jojo and Sunny that was completely off the chain and a great treat for the 200 of us or so who were smart enough to head across the rivah in time for the opener.

  • Tampa Mike

    Excellent choice! Thanks again.

    PS: How about a little Florida love in the near future?

  • SoCalStearns

    I’ve had the akg480 source of these shows for awhile and they are really nice performances. I’ve got a bunch of these summer ’97 shows with one of my other favorite bands, Gov’t Mule, opening. They crackle with energy as it really seems like the boys enjoyed having Warren, Matt, and Woody around.

    Check out the end of the 2nd set from Montgomery, AL 7/20 …..Drums*, Nobody’s Fault But Mine** > Amazing Grace** > Nobody’s Fault But Mine** > Feelin’ Alright**, E: Dream Song *w/ Matt Abts, **w/ Matt Abts, Warren Haynes, Allen Woody


    Can’t wait to hear these Mud Island boards. Thanks again Horrace!!

  • Scott Corrao


  • Mark Misemer

    Awesome! Words can’t describe the amount of fun I had at this run. I’ve got the AKG and a Scheops source from this run but these will be a true upgrade. My order has been placed and I can’t wait to hear these again. Thank you so much and what about the Australia run from 1998? I think we are missing some sets from there as well as some of the Europe shows…Either way keep ‘em coming and thanks for all you do!

  • Brian

    are you going to release the cd’s?

  • Chris

    Myrtle Beach 99 3 night run

  • John Compton

    You guys are doing an outstanding job. Thanks for all your efforts!

  • yes, those are the plans….a few remaining details to work out there, but we figured we’d go ahead and start the download options now..

  • CKM

    Great Show… Awesome Venue… Left me wanting more as usual.

  • pbru

    I drove down from northern Illinois for these two particular shows… We hit Beale Street the afternoon before the 1st show, and a pigeon shit on my shoulder! I said “they’ve GOTTA play Pigeons now!” They did! GREAT SHOWS!

  • susan

    I believe my first show was one of these!!!! How awesome!!! Can’t wait to get it on disc! love my boys!!!!

  • jmurto

    Fantastic! Look forward to hearing these soundboards. I second the Myrtle Beach 99 run. Second night was the best show I’ve been to, but the whole run was awesome. Thanks y’all!

  • ADRock

    Awesome choice! I was at those shows and seem to remember some trippy audio interference from a barge on the Mississippi during the jam in Chilly. Wonder if that will show up on the release?

  • Chase

    05/99 Jazzfest Run…Municipal Auditorium, New Orleans, LA
    10/99 Run @ Kiefer Lakefront Arena, University of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA
    07/23/97 Tampa Performing Arts Center, Tampa, FL
    10/2000 Run @ Kiefer Lakefront Arena, University of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA

    Would love to get these shows!!!

  • David Meyer

    AWESOME! …. Thanks for rolling with this run from 97 .. these my 3rd and 4th shows and the ones where I “got it” – woohoo – SBD goodness! Keep ‘em coming …

    We even took a dip in the fountain off Beale Street after Saturday night’s show then walked back to the apt where we were staying that night on the island soaking wet … I’ll never forget looking back over my shoulder on the walk over the bridge to the full moon coming off the side of the Pyramid .. it’s been a great ride ever since!

    Man, I **love** this band and it’s fans .. made so many friends in our travels!

  • H

    chris is right. Myrtle 99!!!

  • Charles Thomas

    I have been to over 60 shows and this was my most memorable. I remember hearing Arlene for the first time and me and my brother couldn’t believe what we were hearing. Disco was awesome. Warren absolutely rocked junior. What better than to close each night with city of dreams and end of the show. I am so excited this show was released. Thanks.

  • Dudley

    Great!! 7/19 is my birthday and I made the trip to Memphis for the shows. Slept in my pathfinder in a parking deck across the street! Good Times!
    I have copies of these shows on cassette and the quality is not great. Looking forward to getting these shows in better quality!! Gov’t Mule rocked a great opener and Warren is always great to have sit in!

  • Jen

    Anyoen know if I can get the Porch Songs release on CD? Maybe I am missing something but it appears it is only available in FLAC or MP3.

  • Huntman

    memphis is a FUN town.

  • bigwoolymammoth

    Thanks for all you’re doing to get these out. Would love to have the cds (still old school in that respect). How long before they are available? If it’s not too long, then I’ll wait. But gotta have them one way or the other… Or will there be cd labels available like for the other board copies?

  • Drew Fincher

    I love the Mud Island run. Great choice and a great venue. If you cant think of a good run for the next Porch release you should think about Orlando HOB in 2000. I dont think Ive ever heard a clear copy from any house of blues bc of the crowd noise. Not to mention the first night is worth it alone and there are two more great nights to work with. Keep em comin. Just got a new credit card strictly for you Horace! Thanks.

  • Dean

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Horace! Very fitting that Blood Island would be the first Porch Song release. It seemed ’97-99 on the Island were wonderful shows with terrible sound and I’m sure my ears are going to be ringing with joy very soon. Me likey.

  • Russ

    WOOOO-HOOOO! I’ve been wondering about these boards for over 10 years. I too have the auds, but the sound wavers pretty badly. Met a bunch of great people. Slow Porch with a full moon over the skyline. Great Chilly. Great time. Thanks for the release.

  • TheDannyLama

    If the second set of 7/19 won an award from Honest Tune, I can’t imagine what kind of award the first set deserved.

  • Jason


    First of all, Thank you for all the work involved in putting these gems out!

    Secondly, Is there any chance we’ll see a WPA/Porch Songs release of 5/2/97 (Murat Egyptian Room, Indianapolis)? I know that the Travelin Light was used on LFGA, so chances are there is a multi-track recording of the entire show. I am a huge fan of the Mud Island run, but in my opinion, 5/2/97 might be the most well-played start-to-finish show ever, with a killer setlist, song transitions, and JBisms to boot (i.e. Provin’ > Mr. Soul > Provin’ and JB’s “Just for you Indianapolis we’re gonna play FIVE-HUNDRED songs” to begin the 2nd set).

    Thanks again and Happy New Year!

  • Dan

    Anything in the works?!?!?!!? I’m craving a new archive release!

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