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This week we head to the ATL at APC Studios in Atlanta, GA on May 7, 1998…

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Multitrack Release #7: History Lesson New Year’s 1997

Fox Theatre

Atlanta, GA

December 31, 1997

In the late 1990’s, Widespread Panic and their fans celebrated three consecutive New Years’ runs at the Fox Theatre  in Atlanta, GA. An iconic venue from all sorts of perspectives, these Fox performances were all highly anticipated and, of course, the band did not disappoint.

Of all the music played at the Fox over the course of those three years and eleven shows, perhaps the first set of 12/31/97 is the most unique.  The band presents us with a nice little history lesson on how Widespread Panic came to be by sequentially introducing each band member with a song that represented the time frame in question and, in a sense, what each musician brought to the table. Read More Multitrack Release #7: History Lesson New Year’s 1997

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