[[Attention Nashville Show-goers]] - Widespread Panic
Oct 24

[[Attention Nashville Show-goers]]

We want to make a quick note to everyone who will be attending the three-night run at the Ryman Auditorium. Being such an historic venue, and this being Widespread Panic’s very first time performing here, we ask that each and every one in attendance be respectful of the building and aware of your surroundings while at the shows. The Ryman is a very old, very special musical landmark, and a lot of effort goes into its upkeep. Please take care to respect the building to help ensure a great time for everybody there.

There is NO SMOKING in Nashville, TN venues. This policy is STRICTLY enforced. Please be aware that there will be undercover surveillance at the shows in search of violations. Heavy fines are given to patrons in violation as well as to the artist and the venue. Thank you very much for your consideration and enjoy the shows!


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