A message from Josh with Panic Fans For Food - Widespread Panic
Apr 16

A message from Josh with Panic Fans For Food

After 8 years, hundreds of food drives in dozens of cities where Widespread Panic has graced the fans with their presence, Panic Fans For Food (PF3) will be ceasing regular operations. This decision is one that arose out of life giving us the perfect time to move on, and for no other reason; we are doing this on our own terms.

We are fortunate to have had the opportunity to engage a demographic that has proven historically difficult for mainstream charities and food relief organizations to reach. The memories are too many to count; the experience is too valuable to put a price on; and the mouths fed and lives changed through the efforts of the volunteers and donors within the Widespread Panic community, from coast to coast, can never be measured. We will be operating in an extremely limited capacity; however, there will be no PF3 food drives at Widespread Panic concerts this Spring Tour. The effort will continue this summer under a new name and in a slightly different format.

Our greatest victory over the years was helping to create, within the fan community, an interest to take the cause home. In that way, we consider the work to be a grand success. There is no greater joy than to witness the community at large taking it upon themselves to improve the world, and hopefully, to leave it a better place than they found it. That was always our vision that we hoped to achieve by “feeding people through music.” Our friends at Conscious Alliance are continuing to keep the music community very involved in this effort and we have been proud to share the opportunity with them to reach people through art and music. Our gratitude to each and every donor knows no bounds. Be proud in the work you have done and the difference you have made in countless lives throughout this great country. We hope that you all continue to take it upon yourselves to ‘go and leave your mark.’

“I was walkin the other day,

With my head down.

When I met a man, who had his hand out,

So I gave him, gave him a dollar,

And as I walked away, I heard him call out;

‘tell me brother can you see the sun, where you’re standing now?

I’ve been up and I’ve been down, but I’ve never been to This Part of Town.'”

-This Part of Town, Widespread Panic

Joshua Stack

Brown Cat would like to thank Josh and all the PFFF volunteers for their years of hard work and inspiration. Although we are very sad to see this chapter end, we are excited about where the next one will lead. Stay tuned for the details! We wish you all well.

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