Jimmy's "Trigger Hippy" Concert February 7th | Widespread Panic
Feb 06

Jimmy’s “Trigger Hippy” Concert February 7th

Joined by some of his good friends including Audley Freed, Steve Gorman, and Nick Govrik, Jimmy has formed “Trigger Hippy” for a one-time performance February 7th at the Cox Capitol Theatre in Macon, GA.

To catch the show you can order your tickets online at www.coxcapitoltheatre.com or by phone 478.257.6391.

Cox Capitol Theatre

382 2nd Street

Macon, GA 31201


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  1. Action Man (Live at The Beacon 2/27/2020) Widespread Panic 4:46
  2. All Time Low (Live at The Beacon 2/28/2020) Widespread Panic 11:25
  3. E on a G (Live at The Beacon 2/28/2020) Widespread Panic 7:16
  4. Jam in C# (Live at The Beacon 2/29/2020) Widespread Panic 9:59
  5. Disco (Live at The Beacon 3/1/2020) Widespread Panic 6:59
  6. The Waker (Live at The Beacon 3/2/2020) Widespread Panic 4:35