The Widespread Records Vault is Open! - Widespread Panic
Mar 06

The Widespread Records Vault is Open!

Get the latest on the archive releases at Horace’s Archive Blog! Horace has been around the Panic scene since the 1980s and, as Widespread Panic’s official keeper of the vault, has been instrumental in choosing the first 4 Multi-track archive releases; Carbondale 2000, Valdosta 1989, Huntsville 1996 and Montreal 1997 and now the Porch Song Series. The Porch Songs series are two-track Panic soundboards from the vault.

Details about the archive projects can be found at the Archive Blog.

Order your Archives at WP Merch or LiveWidespreadPanic now!

The archives are also available at these select Indie Record Stores. Support your local record stores!

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