Dirty Side Down - Available Everywhere Now! | Widespread Panic
Apr 23

Dirty Side Down – Available Everywhere Now!

One of the highlights of Dirty Side Down is the hauntingly beautiful cover of “This Cruel Thing” written by the late Vic Chesnutt, whose songs the band has recorded and performed for years. Widespread Panic has previously collaborated with Chesnutt on two albums under the name Brute. “I guess Widespread Panic and Vic aren’t quite done with each other yet.”, says Panic lead singer John Bell.

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Album Art by Marq Spusta.

Dirty Side Down Tracklist:

1. Saint Ex 6:46

2. North 5:42

3. Dirty Side Down 3:57

4. This Cruel Thing 4:29

5. Visiting Day 5:26

6. Clinic Cynic 4:34

7. St Louis 2:52

8. Shut Up and Drive 6:44

9. True To My Nature 4:53

10. When You Coming Home 5:37

11. Jaded Tourist 4:28

12. Cotton Was King 5:52


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