Porch Songs: Atlanta, Ga 1998 | Widespread Panic
Jul 30

Porch Songs: Atlanta, Ga 1998

“The four-night New Year’s
run in 1997 at the Fox Theatre not only ushered in 1998, it also gave
us our first show of 1998…and also the last show in the states before
Widespread Panic took off to Australia and Europe…to come back for
some Panic in the Streets in April. The decision to spread the four Fox
shows over five days was genius…build up to New Years, take a night
off on New Year’s day to recover from the celebration, and then gather
again on the 2nd to see what happens.  Well, what happened was just
another incredible Widespread Panic experience.”

Read the full synopsis over in the Archive.

January 2nd, 1998 live at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta is available in MP3, WAV, & CD formats over at LiveWidespreadPanic.com.


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