Porch Songs: Kalamazoo 1997 | Widespread Panic
Sep 04

Porch Songs: Kalamazoo 1997

The thirteenth in the series of live two-track releases comes out today on LiveWidespreadPanic.com. November 11th, 1997 found the band right in the middle of a long Fall Tour at the State Theater in Kalamazoo. An early rendition of “One Kind Favor” as well as the third ever performance of “You’ll Be Fine” are mixed into a well-rounded setlist packed into six inches of snow out in the early Michigan winter.

Read up on the show breakdown over at the Archive blog, and grab your copy at LiveWidespreadPanic.com.


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  1. Action Man (Live at The Beacon 2/27/2020) Widespread Panic 4:46
  2. All Time Low (Live at The Beacon 2/28/2020) Widespread Panic 11:25
  3. E on a G (Live at The Beacon 2/28/2020) Widespread Panic 7:16
  4. Jam in C# (Live at The Beacon 2/29/2020) Widespread Panic 9:59
  5. Disco (Live at The Beacon 3/1/2020) Widespread Panic 6:59
  6. The Waker (Live at The Beacon 3/2/2020) Widespread Panic 4:35