Treats for Halloween! | Widespread Panic
Oct 31

Treats for Halloween!

Happy Halloween, Panic fans! In honor of the day and in the absence of the band’s annual Halloween performance, we’ve bring you a few treats to enjoy:

Watch the entire 10/31/11 performance from the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago all Halloween day!

At 10:30am EST we’ll be streaming the entire 10/31/96 show in the WP Archive Room on Turntable.FM. Come listen in while you work!

Finally, visit a Halloween performance from way back from 10/31/92 Live at the Georgia Theatre in Athens, Ga. Watch the twenty year old show in all its greatness (minus a couple missing songs due to tape error).

Have a great Halloween, stay safe, and we’ll see you on New Years Eve in Charlotte!


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  1. Action Man (Live at The Beacon 2/27/2020) Widespread Panic 4:46
  2. All Time Low (Live at The Beacon 2/28/2020) Widespread Panic 11:25
  3. E on a G (Live at The Beacon 2/28/2020) Widespread Panic 7:16
  4. Jam in C# (Live at The Beacon 2/29/2020) Widespread Panic 9:59
  5. Disco (Live at The Beacon 3/1/2020) Widespread Panic 6:59
  6. The Waker (Live at The Beacon 3/2/2020) Widespread Panic 4:35