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Oct 07

Poster Children: Artwork of Widespread Panic

Widespread Panic has spent
25 years earning a reputation for amazing live shows. The band’s commitment to
the live experience is not limited to the stage, but to visual artists across
the country.

For years, the band has
been dedicated to commissioning artists to create limited edition posters for
their shows and they have archived all of these posters in their vault.

Every Widespread Panic fan
would love the chance to dig through the bands poster archive, and with this
book, they get the chance. Over 400 posters spanning their entire career are
included in this 320 page hardcover book, including notes from Dave Schools and
John Bell and from the poster artists, including: EMEK, Marq Spusta, Chuck
Sperry and Jeff Wood.

Dave Schools, These
posters were another way for our fans to relive the show and commemorate a good
time. In a way, they were like the gatefold record cover of the by-gone vinyl
era – a visual interpretation for fans to look at while listening to our

Coming to a local independent record store near you on 11/29  and online at WP Merch at 12am on 11/30. 

Read more about the development of the book on Collectors Weekly


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