PORCH SONGS: Memphis 2000 | Widespread Panic
Feb 03

PORCH SONGS: Memphis 2000

The next installment of the “Porch Songs” live archive series finds the band near the tail-end of its fall tour in the year 2000 with a two-night run in Memphis, Tennessee. Mid-South Coliseum would see the band return each fall for the three fall tours to follow, but was their first ever appearance at the venue. 

Get your copy of 11/24/2000 and 11/25/2000.

Horace highlights the shows moment-to-moment over in the Archive. And while you’re there, check out the ever-growing list of live releases spanning as far back as ’89 and as recent as the Oak Mountain run in 2001. These “Porch Song” releases are the two-track front-of-house recordings, while the “Multitrack” releases are the (you guessed it) multi-tracks from the stage, mixed and mastered in the studio and released to your local indie records stores. Both offer a different sonic perspectives of the band’s live show catalog, but all together are exceptional moments spanning the band’s nearly 30 year career. 

Learn more about the Widespread Panic Archive and let us know what show you want to see released – archives@widespreadpanic.com.


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