Archive: Chattanooga 2001 - Widespread Panic
Nov 17

Archive: Chattanooga 2001

25th in the “Porch Songs” series, Chattanooga 2001 is the latest release from the Widespread Panic Live Archive. Transferred and remastered from the original soundboard tapes, 11/21/2001 at the UTC-McKenzie Arena found the band in the last week of Fall Tour for that year. A day after a heater in Johnson City, the band was firing on all cylinders and giving another “home away from home” a show for the books:

“Chattanooga, and other small places within a short driving distance from Athens, GA, have always given the band the feeling of being just like home even when they are not. Back in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, these little towns in Southern USA helped create a crucible of persistent playing that took root and spread elsewhere. As our pilgrimages continue to take us all over the planet, it’s always nice to find yourself, once again, close to home with the comfort of familiar surroundings.”

Read the full show synopsis at the Archive and pick up a copy of the show available in MP3, FLAC and ALAC digital formats as well as on 3-Disc CD.

Listen to a couple tracks from the show here.


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