WP Archive: Asheville 2000 | Widespread Panic
Jan 19

WP Archive: Asheville 2000

Announcing the twenty-eighth installment of the Porch Songs 2-track series, Asheville 2000!

Date: 11/22/2000
Venue: Civic Center
City: Asheville, NC

It’s no coincidence we keep returning to the band’s 2000 Fall Tour for stand-out performances (see the November Memphis two-nighter and the inaugural Archive release Carbondale 2000). Asheville 2000 finds the band on the tail end of an extended fall tour, with plenty saved up for a home-away-from-home performance at the fan-favorite Asheville Civic Center.

Notable Highlights: Surprise Valley opener, Airplane > Imitation Leather Shoes > You’ll Be Fine, and the one-two punch of a “Don’t Be Denied” / “Knockin’ Around the Zoo” encore.

Available in MP3, FLAC and CD format:

Download 11/22/2000 | Asheville, NC


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