Porch Songs: Bozeman 2000 - Widespread Panic
Feb 20

Porch Songs: Bozeman 2000

Announcing the thirty-fourth installment of the band’s two-track ‘Porch Songs’ live series: Bozeman 2000. It’s about time we came back to 2000 and seeing as we’ve had our eye on this show for a while, what better way to kick off this years series! While we had hoped this could have been a multi-track release, there were unfortunately some recording errors on those tapes that could not be corrected. Lucky for us, the two-track front-of-house recording is crisp, clear and with plenty of audience captured on to the recording.

So why Bozeman? Well, like previous selections from this particular tour (see Carbondale and Asheville), there was an especially unique energy (not to mention shows tapers and collectors keep returning tour to nearly twenty years later). Bozeman seems like it would be an unassuming stop in the farther reaches of “spreadhead-dom”, but in fact is a prime example why so many fans went the distance to follow the band during this period and find that extraordinary experience.

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