Light Fuse, Get Away Vinyl Remaster | Widespread Panic
Apr 03

Light Fuse, Get Away Vinyl Remaster

To honor the 20th Anniversary of the band’s first ever live album, the band is extremely excited to announce a indie record store exclusive 4-LP remastered for vinyl release of ‘Light Fuse, Get Away’!

Keep your eyes peeled for more on the deluxe release, and be sure to mark your calendars for April 20th.


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  1. The Waker (Live 12/31/2018) Widespread Panic 6:44
  2. Sundown Betty (Live 6/8/2019) Widespread Panic 6:52
  3. Disco (Live 4/21/2018) Widespread Panic 8:07
  4. Conrad the Caterpillar (Live 3/31/2018) Widespread Panic 9:35
  5. Holden Oversoul (Live 3/24/2018) Widespread Panic 10:02
  6. Hatfield (Live 6/8/2018) Widespread Panic 11:37