MT #11: Knoxville 1995 - Widespread Panic
Jul 09

MT #11: Knoxville 1995

Announcing the latest live release in the Widespread Panic Multi-track archive series: KNOXVILLE 1995, available online July 20th!

Recorded live at the Tennessee Amphitheater in Knoxville, Tennessee on September 28, 1995, Knox ’95 was specially chosen by the band’s former guitar tech and Panic fan, Sam Holt.

“This show had always been stuck in my mind as one of the best I ever saw but the available recordings did not even come close to capturing the band as they should. So when the opportunity arose to choose a show for release I kept my fingers crossed that the band’s own multitrack tapes were in good condition. I was happy to find out that they were and that the band’s longtime producer, John Keane, would be mixing the show from this source.”

Read Sam’s synopsis of the show here.

To mark the release, the band has commissioned this incredible and limited edition poster print by Justin Helton. Order your copy of the poster at Widespread Merchandise.

Knoxville 1995 was mixed and mastered by the band’s longtime producer John Keane and is now available for pre-order on 2-CDs and all digital formats at

Learn more about the release over at the Archive.


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