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Sep 09

Archive Vinyl Releases Announced

Two of the most sought-after Widespread Panic live performances will be pressed to vinyl for the first time ever! Montreal 1997 and Carbondale 2000 will be released in box set form in Fall 2019 and available at indie record stores across the U.S.

The shows have been remastered for vinyl and will be available as six and five (respectively) disc vinyl box sets. Fall 2019 release dates to be announced soon.

Both shows were previously released digitally and as CD sets.

More on Montreal 1997
More on Carbondale 2000


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  1. The Waker (Live 12/31/2018) Widespread Panic 6:44
  2. Sundown Betty (Live 6/8/2019) Widespread Panic 6:52
  3. Disco (Live 4/21/2018) Widespread Panic 8:07
  4. Conrad the Caterpillar (Live 3/31/2018) Widespread Panic 9:35
  5. Holden Oversoul (Live 3/24/2018) Widespread Panic 10:02
  6. Hatfield (Live 6/8/2018) Widespread Panic 11:37