Recap: Asheville Shows - Widespread Panic
Aug 09

Recap: Asheville Shows

We think it may go without saying, but…it felt really good to be back in Asheville after a five year absence. The band was clearly feeling good, too, bringing some unique sets each day of the three-show run!

Friday Highlights:

  • “Let’s Get Down to Business” to start the show
  • “Sell, Sell” > “Radio Child”
  • “Goodpeople” > “Dark Bar” > “Goodpeople”
  • The return of “Rumble”! Then a sweet segue into “Bust it Big” and “Don’t Be Denied”
  • “Airplane” > “Drums” > D”rums & Bass” > “Fishwater”

Friday, August 6th: Set list & Photos | Download / Stream

Saturday Highlights

  • “Pleas” “Diner” > “All Time Low”
  • Seriously. That whole first set! ?
  • “Sleepy Monkey” > “Blight” > “Red Hot Mama”
  • The encore alone! “Trashy”, “Weight of the World”, “Action Man”

Saturday, August 7th: Set list & Photos | Download / Stream

Sunday Highlights

  • “Coconut” to kick things off
  • “Sundown Betty” returns… then “Junior”, “Party At Your Mama’s House” > “No Sugar Tonight”
  • “Saint Ex” > “Surprise Valley” > “Maggot Brain” > “I’m So Glad” > “Surprise Valley” ?

Sunday, August 8th: Set list & Photos | Download / Stream

Thank you, good people, for joining us this weekend, looking out for one another, and helping us all stay safe.

Austin up next!


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