Highlights: Columbia 2022 - Widespread Panic
Feb 23

Highlights: Columbia 2022

Whoa! Thank you so much Columbia, for coming out and making this such a special run of shows. It felt so good to be back in COLA after a six year break.

Friday 2/18 Highlights:

  • An old school first set kicked off the run with lots of fan favorites.
  • “Big Wooly Mammoth” > “I’m Not Alone” > “C. Brown” > “I’m Not Alone”, “Holden Oversoul” > “You Got Yours”
  • Another rendition of the Radiators “Ziggzaggin’ Through Ghostland” made an appearance in set two.
  • “Walkin’ (For Your Love)” > “Jamais Vu (The World Has Changed)” > “Ride Me High” > “North” > “Zigzaggin’ Through Ghostland” ?

Friday, February 18th: Set list & Photos | Download / Stream

Saturday 2/19 Highlights

  • “Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys”, “Honky Red”, “Arleen”
  • “Fishwater” > “Bust It Big” > “Drums” > “Bust It Big” > “Fishwater”
  • “Flat Foot Flewzy” on a Saturday night! ?

Saturday, February 19th: Set list & Photos | Download / Stream

Sunday 2/20 Highlights

  • “Don’t Be Denied” returned for the first time since last year in Asheville
  • “Wondering” > “Hatfield” > “Rock” > “Jack” > “Conrad the Caterpillar”
  • “Tie Your Shoes” > “Blight” > “Tie Your Shoes” > “Red Beans” ?

Sunday, February 20th: Set list & Photos | Download / Stream


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