Highlights: St. Augustine 2022 - Widespread Panic
Mar 30

Highlights: St. Augustine 2022

Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows this weekend. It felt good to feel some of those St. Augustine spring breezes, and get back to some outdoor shows!

Friday 3/25 Highlights:

  • “Ain’t Life Grand”, “Stop-Go”, “Weak Brain, Narrow Mind” to kick off the weekend ?
  • “Glory” returns for the first time in a few years
  • “Tortured Artist” > “Ride Me High” > “Driving Song” > “The Last Straw” > “All Time Low” > “Driving Song” ?

Friday, March 25th: Set list & Photos | Download / Stream

Saturday 3/26 Highlights

  • “1×1”, “Pigeons”, “New Blue”, “Imitation Leather Shoes”
  • “A of D” > “Disco”
  • “Trashy”, “Pleas”, “Halloween Face”, “Mercy”

Saturday, March 26th: Set list & Photos | Download / Stream

Sunday 3/27 Highlights

  • “Dear Mr. Fantasy”, “Little Lilly”, “I’m Not Alone”, “Sundown Betty”
  • “Tie Your Shoes”, “Hatfield”, “Little Kin”, “Peace Frog” > “Blue Sunday”
  • The elusive double encore!

Sunday, March 27th: Set list & Photos | Download / Stream


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