Snake Oil King - Widespread Panic
Album Cover art for Widespread Panic's "Snake Oil King" album
Jun 07

Snake Oil King

Dive into the sonic landscape of Widespread Panic’s latest masterpiece, Snake Oil King, as it hits the shelves on vinyl this June 14th! Featuring tracks like “Little By Little,” “We Walk Each Other Home,” and the album exclusive “Small Town,” this album promises an unforgettable auditory experience.

Recorded at the renowned John Keane Studio in Athens, GA, and mastered by industry stalwarts Glenn Schick and Pete Lyman, the vinyl edition ensures a premium listening experience. Pick up your copy at your local indie record store and immerse yourself in the magic!

Snake Oil King vinyl album

Side A

  1. Little by Little
  2. We Walk Each Other Home
  3. Tackle Box Hero

Side B

  1. Life as a Tree
  2. Cosmic Confidante
  3. Small Town

Album artwork by Marq Spusta.


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