Weight of the World w/ members of Galactic | Widespread Panic

Weight of the World w/ members of Galactic

Starlight Theatre, Kansas City, MO

Widespread Panic rehearse and perform “Weight of the World” with members of Galactic including Ben Ellman on saxophone, Corey Henry on trombone, and Maggie Koerner on vocals.

June 25th, 2014
Starlight Theatre
Kansas City, Missouri

Shot & Edited by Andy Tennille
Audio by Andrew Liposak

Andy Tennille


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  1. The Waker (Live 12/31/2018) Widespread Panic 6:44
  2. Sundown Betty (Live 6/8/2019) Widespread Panic 6:52
  3. Disco (Live 4/21/2018) Widespread Panic 8:07
  4. Conrad the Caterpillar (Live 3/31/2018) Widespread Panic 9:35
  5. Holden Oversoul (Live 3/24/2018) Widespread Panic 10:02
  6. Hatfield (Live 6/8/2018) Widespread Panic 11:37