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Jan 05

WP Rings In The New Year With Adult Swim!

It’s no secret that some of the band members are big fans of Adult Swim cartoons. A new Panic song aired recently in the new Adult Swim series ‘Perfect Hair Forever’. For the New Years show, ‘Perfect Hair Forever’ producer Matt Harrigan put together some hilarious cartoon footage that played during the first set break and then more for the actual countdown of the year.

So I’ve been seeing Panic for about fifteen years, and when my friend Ian O’Neil sends me an article in which the great Dave Schools mentions Adult Swim, I figure maybe we can somehow parlay his enthusiasm into an original song for a new Adult Swim show I’d been working on called Perfect Hair Forever.

Adam Reed (creator of AS’ Sealab 2021) is kind enough to put me in touch with Panic’s management, and suddenly I’m in Memphis watching JB lay down vocals for this fantastic and mysterious PHF song. Between bouts of barbeque we all get to talking about the upcoming New Years show and I mention how it might be funny to do a false countdown well before midnight to freak out all the people waiting on line for hotdogs.

Two months later I’m on the floor watching Skillet from 12 oz. Mouse ring in 2006 with a furious four-minute drum solo for thousands of perplexed Panic fans.

Ain’t life grand.

Matt Harrigan

You can hear the song ‘Perfect Hair’ and watch the New Years Video on the Adult Swim website.


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