Supercat Records Announces Posthumous Solo Release from Widespread Panic Founding Member & Guitarist Michael Houser | Widespread Panic
Jan 06

Supercat Records Announces Posthumous Solo Release from Widespread Panic Founding Member & Guitarist Michael Houser



JANUARY 24, 2006

Featuring Twelve Tracks Available For The First Time

Nearly four years after the heartbreaking death of Widespread Panic vocalist and guitarist Michael Houser comes a posthumous release of the last solo recordings he made. Sandbox, released on friend and producer John Keane’s Supercat Records, will be in stores January 24th.

Sandbox is the second, and final, solo release from Michael Houser, who was both a guitarist and vocalist for one of the most popular touring bands in the country. The album is a collection of original songs recorded for the first time in Houser’s home studio in Athens, GA between the Fall of 2001 and Spring of 2002. As Houser was sadly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer during the latter part of the recording process, he handed the album off to good friend and producer John Keane (Widespread Panic, REM, Indigo Girls, Vic Chesnutt, Cowboy Junkies) to put the finishing touches on and release the album for him. On August 10, 2002 Mikey passed away.

Keane was stunned with what he heard upon listening the recordings for the first time. “It was clear that I was listening to some of his best lyrics and melodies, and the guitar and mandolin parts were breathtaking in their beauty and simplicity. I felt honored to be entrusted with the task of polishing these rough diamonds into a finished record,” he explains.

Michael Houser’s legacy is one of quiet regard and humble gratitude. Known for his unusual but powerful seated performances alongside his longtime Widespread Panic bandmates to sold-out stadium size crowds, Mikey held a remarkable and unwavering connection with his fans. Unusually reserved for an artist of his stature, he was often referred to as the “anti- rockstar.”

The follow up to Doorharp (Houser’s first instrumental solo 2002 release), Sandbox is poignant collection of songs that are a testament to and reflection of his earnest commitment to the art of his music. The songs reflect his conflict, acceptance and ultimate gratitude for the life he felt so fortunate to lead. Michael always let it be known that he was ever grateful for the opportunity to play music for his fans.

Featuring guest appearances from former band mates John Bell, Domingo Ortiz and Todd Nance, Sandbox is an intimate album and provides a very personal look into Houser’s world and his awareness that he will inevitably be leaving it. With such achingly honest songs as “Goodbye My Love,” “Solitude” and “No Cryin Now,” Sandbox is like opening a box of private letters from Mikey.

“I’ve said goodbye to many old friends, to many places. I’ve said goodbye to happy times, familiar faces. Well I’ve said goodbye to a lot of things in my life but I never thought the day would come when I would have to say goodbye my love.”

Track Listing:

1. No Matter What

2. Goodbye My Love

3. Sandbox

4. Can’t Change The Past

5. Low Country

6. Where Does It Go

7. Nacoochee Queen

8. Country Sex Song

9. Solitude

10. Bull Run

11. No Cryin Now

12. She Drives Me To Drink

To hear some of the music and to order your copy of Sandbox, go to


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  1. Action Man (Live at The Beacon 2/27/2020) Widespread Panic 4:46
  2. All Time Low (Live at The Beacon 2/28/2020) Widespread Panic 11:25
  3. E on a G (Live at The Beacon 2/28/2020) Widespread Panic 7:16
  4. Jam in C# (Live at The Beacon 2/29/2020) Widespread Panic 9:59
  5. Disco (Live at The Beacon 3/1/2020) Widespread Panic 6:59
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