Message from the Band: Napa and New York Concerts - Widespread Panic
Aug 23

Message from the Band: Napa and New York Concerts

Widespread Panic has decided to postpone the upcoming Napa Valley (Aug. 27-29) and NYC (Sept. 16-20) concert dates in their ongoing effort to make Widespread Panic shows as safe as possible for everyone involved – from Band Member to audience member, and the unseen many in between.

The presence and spread of the COVID-19 Delta variant has created another surge of infections and hospitalizations across the Nation. Our Health Care Workers and First Responders are once again pushed to and beyond reasonable limits. These are our Families, Friends, and Neighbors. This is why we are making late moment adjustments.

The timing of this announcement could never be ideal, but is being delivered as soon as logistically possible after the Band made its unanimous decision. We understand that this will be an inconvenience for concertgoers as well – having their plans upended. These are our friends. We are determined to hold these gatherings and celebrations with Friends in the safest environment we can create.

Since returning to live performance, the Band, Crew, and Management have gone to great lengths and expense to ensure the safety of every soul in the venue. We are taking this pause to re-enforce our already stringent protocols. Bottom line – the COVID virus is relentless, and it loves an audience.

Widespread Panic is hopeful and grateful for Everyone’s understanding of our concerns during these unprecedented and continuously shifting times.

For details on the show rescheduling, follow the links below:

Napa Shows Rescheduled for August 2022
New York City Shows Rescheduled for January 2022


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